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Fluid used to aid in examination of semifinished blanks.
XYZ axes
Conventional coordinates for optical system analysis, the X-axis being the horizontal, the Y-axis the vertical and the Z-axis the optical axis of the system.
Y axis
1. In a plane Cartesian coordinate system, the vertical axis orthogonal to the X-axis. 2. In a quartz crystal structure, the line perpendicular to two opposite parallel faces of the crystal.
Y-axis deflection
The vertical deflection of an image on a cathode-ray tube screen.
yttrium aluminum garnet
YAG crystal
A YAG crystal refers to a solid-state crystal made of yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG), which is a synthetic crystalline material. YAG crystals are known for their exceptional optical properties,...
YAG laser
A solid-state laser using yttrium aluminum garnet as the matrix material, doped with neodymium (Nd:YAG).
yttrium orthoaluminate
In positioning, in-plane rotation about the vertical axis. Also known as azimuth.
yttrium lanthanum fluoride
In the SI system, prefix meaning 10-24. (y).
In the SI system, prefix meaning 1024. (Y).
Young's construction
A method of graphical ray tracing through a boundary surface dividing two media of differing indices of refraction.
Young's modulus
The constant equal to the unit stress divided by unit deformation, relative to all values and a substance's proportional restrictions.
Young's two-slit interference
The method by which Thomas Young in 1802 disproved Newton's corpuscular theory of light by the formation of interference patterns between two beams of light from the same source. This was produced by...
atomic number; zepto-
Z-axis modulation
The intensity regulation of a cathode-ray tube by alteration of the grid-cathode voltage.
A technique for determining the nonlinear optical properties of a sample material by moving the sample through a focused laser beam and measuring changes in the beam's characteristics, such as...
Zeeman broadening
Broadening of a spectrum that results from the influence of a magnetic field.
Zeeman effect
The splitting of energy levels of an atom, ion or molecule because of a magnetic field.
Zener diode
A type of semiconductor diode used in voltage-limiting circuits; when voltage reaches a certain value, the device becomes a conductor.
zero-energy nitrogen heated thermal reactor
zenith telescope
A telescope that is fixed or has a limited degree of movement in a vertical plane; primarily used to determine the position of stars near the zenith.
In the SI system, prefix meaning 10-21. (z).
Zernike's phase contrast method
The introduction of a filter into an imaging system to implement a phase contrast for an intensity mapping of a pure phase image.
zero halogen thermoplastic
A highly flame-retardant material used to jacket fiber optic cables, especially on shipboard applications.
zero order
In an interference pattern, that point where there is no difference between the optical paths of the interfacing wavefronts.
zero phase shift mirror
A mirror that supplies equal reflectance for both the S-polarization and the P-polarization of a laser for a defined angle of incidence, usually 45°.
zero-dispersion wavelength
In a single-mode optical fiber, the wavelength that causes material dispersion and waveguide dispersion to cancel each other. In a multimode fiber, loose term for the wavelength at which there is a...
zero-order filtering
The removal of the zero-order component of the Fourier spectrum distribution of an object with a small, opaque absorber or reflector in the Fourier plane, to produce images that appear bright on a...
zero-order reflection grating
A grating that specularly reflects the specified long radiation wavelengths and diffracts the shorter wavelengths off in known directions, eliminating the interference of randomly scattered radiation.
zero-order retarder
A quarter- or half-wave retarder made from two plates of quartz, mica or polymer with their fast axes crossed; the difference in thickness between the two plates determines the retardance. Zero-order...
zero-order transmission grating
A polyethylene grating that transmits the long wavelengths and diffracts shorter wavelengths in controlled directions.
Schott Glass Technologies' trade name for a glass-ceramic material with a very low coefficient of thermal expansion.
zero-energy system
zeta particle
The difference in electrokinetic potential between the stationary liquid connected to a solid phase surface and the mobile portion of the liquid's diffuse layer.
zero-energy thermal reactor
In the SI system, prefix meaning 1021. (Z).
zero gravity
zero-gradient synchrotron
zero insertion force
zinc sulfide
A polycrystalline material that transmits in the infrared; it is used as a phosphor in x-ray and television screens.
zinc impurity photodetector
A two-fiber optical cable containing two single-fiber cables that are connected by a strip of jacket and that can easily be separated from one another for the installation of optical connectors.
zirconium arc
A small bulb containing a conducting gas, an arc being formed between a metal ring and a tiny zirconium electrode near the center of the ring. The heated zirconium emits light, and constitutes a...
zirconium fluoride
An infrared transmitting material used in the production of fluoride glasses for optical fibers.

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