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RPO: Three Big Letters

Jul. 1, 2016

Photonics Prodspec

ROI: three big letters that dictate the budgets of marketing departments across the globe. If only I had a dollar for every time that beautiful acronym came up when discussing marketing plans.

Did a teenager click your link because you used the “laser” AdWord and they were looking for details on Han Solo’s blaster? Did someone visit your company online because they searched the term “optics” when searching for a new pair of reading glasses? How do you account for those site visits in your Excel spreadsheets?

We know ROI is important to our clients. In response, we’ve tailored our popular Photonics Buyers’ Guide program in pursuit of offering the best product for the price in the industry. We’ve made some huge additions for 2016, including the expansion of our popular ProdSpec search tool.

Users love ProdSpec. It is simple, intuitive and features a great catalog of products — eliminating the need to contact numerous companies for reputable quotes or travel to trade shows to discuss product requirements with multiple sales engineers. If the product or information a user is looking for isn’t listed, one click takes your specifications and sends them off to multiple reliable companies with Buyers’ Guide programs. What better measure of ROI is there than getting direct quote requests from customers involved in the industry?

The Buyers’ Guide serves as an all-inclusive marketing package that can last you a full year. It doesn’t matter if your company has two or 2,000 employees — it’s the perfect foundation to address your marketing needs and ROI. And now, listing your products in our extensive ProdSpec database search tool can bring you even closer to your goals.

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