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A set of mirrors along a telescope's polar axis designed to redirect light to a fixed position without being affected by the motion or position of the telescope. From the French word for "elbow."
Coulomb damping
Conversion of vibratory energy into heat that is observed in the rubbing of two dry surfaces over each other.
Coulomb scattering
The scattering of charged particles, moving through matter, by the electrostatic force exerted by other charged particles.
The quantity (C) of electricity transported in one second by a current of one ampere.
coumarin 314T
An efficient, readily soluble blue-green laser dye.
The concave portion of a surface, formed on a blank, on which the disk of higher refractive glass will be fused to form a multifocal spectacle lens.
counting chamber
In microscopy, the chamber that is contained on a microscope slide to hold a certain amount of fluid. It is calibrated accurately to determine the number of cells and other elements while the...
coupled rangefinder
A rangefinder on a camera that is integrated with the focusing mechanism so that when an object's range is determined, the camera is automatically in focus.
1. In color development, the chemical that combines with certain by-products of the development procedure to form a dye. 2. Device for distributing optical power among two or more ports. 3. Device...
coupling efficiency
The fraction of available output from a radiant source that is coupled and transmitted by an optical fiber.
coefficient of variation
covalent crystal
A crystal formed by covalent bonds that are generally highly directional by nature. The electric characteristics of these crystals classify them as semiconductors.
covered groove
A technique used in integrated optics where a groove is cut on a substrate surface and covered by a thin film to facilitate the construction of filters, resonators, beamsplitters and grating couplers...
A coverslip, also known as a cover glass or cover slip, is a thin and flat piece of transparent material typically made of glass or plastic. It is used in microscopy to cover a specimen mounted on a...
compound parabolic concentrator
charge-primed device
computer polarization holography
common path interferometry
colliding pulse mode
cycles per minute
cathode potential stabilization
cycles per second
central processing unit
concentrator photovoltaic
cathode ray; command register; control relay; coupling ratio; crystal rectifier
cooperative research and development agreement
Craik-O'Brien effect
Observed when alterations in the luminous sterance at the contour of an object create the illusion of the outer zones appearing darker than the inner regions, despite the consistent luminance of the...
crater lamp
A glow-discharge tube in which the discharge takes place in the conical or crater-shaped depression at one end of the tube.
Crayford focuser
A high-quality focuser that uses rollers rather than gears and offers smooth, precise motion while reducing or eliminating image shift and backlash.
capacitor resistor diode
cathode-ray direction finding
The deformation of a material at high levels of stress, often associated with elevated temperatures.
cresyl violet
Cresyl violet, also known as cresyl violet acetate or cresyl echt violet, is a synthetic organic compound belonging to the class of triarylmethane dyes. It is commonly used in histology and...
color rendering index
The breaking of the excess glass from the specified shape.
crimp sleeve
A crimped metal cylinder that holds the connector to the cable through the cable's strength member.
critical absorption wavelength
That wavelength at which the absorption of a given element or system begins to demonstrate an inconstant value.
critical angle
The least angle of incidence at which total internal reflection takes place. The angle of incidence in a denser medium, at an interface between the denser and less dense medium, at which the light is...
critical aperture
In an optical system, the aperture size at which the lens gives its best overall performance.
critical flicker frequency
Relative to a light source, the frequency at which the source appears to fluctuate in light intensity half the time and remains constant during the other half.
critical fusion frequency
The fusion frequency of flicker that is needed just to produce complete fusion and to assure the visual sensation of continuous illumination measured in cycles per second.
critical illumination
Illumination in which the light source is imaged at the object.
critical scattering
Intense scattering in the region of the liquid-gas critical point. At this point the gas will strongly scatter all light to create a vivid opalescent appearance.
constrained run length algorithm
counter-radar missile; counter-radar measures
cathode-ray oscilloscope
Crookes radiometer -> radiometer
A device used to measure the intensity of radiant energy.
cross dispersion
Recombination of only the light that is correctly dispersed by the first stage of a polychromator through its wide intermediate slit (common during Thomson scattering experimentation), which is...

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