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Defense Technical Information Center
deuterated triglycine sulfate
dual attachment station
In a dual-ring local area network, a node that is connected both to the primary, active ring and also to a secondary ring that provides redundancy in case of cable or system failure.
dual inline package
A package for electronic components that is suited for automated assembly into printed circuit boards. The DIP is characterized by two rows of external connecting terminals or pins, which are...
dual laser
A gas laser equipped with Brewster windows and concave mirrors (having unlike reflective properties) at each end of the tube to produce two separate wavelengths at the same time.
dual-wavelength spectrophotometry
Spectrophotometry in which radiation of two separate wavelengths, usually one in an absorption band and the other not, pass through the specimen. The resulting data allows correction for attenuation...
dual-window cable -> double-window fiber
Optical fiber capable of operating at both a shorter and a longer wavelength.
A material's ability to undergo plastic deformation, specifically elongation, without fracturing.
Propagation of electromagnetic waves through the Earth's atmosphere in a path that conforms to the curvature of the Earth due to atmospheric thermal inversion. Regions of the atmosphere act as a...
duplet lens system
An optical system having two sets of components separated by an air space, while successive lenses in each set are cemented together.
In data communications, the simultaneous operation of a circuit in both directions is known as full duplex; if only one transmitter can send at a time, the system is called half duplex.
dust counter
An instrument that uses a photoelectric system to determine the size and volume of dust particles in a given unit of air.
dust counting microscope
A microscope that has been modified to permit the quantitative analysis of dust samples.
dust extinction
In atmospheric optics, the almost total blocking of light transmission in the atmosphere due to the scattering and absorption of the light by dust particles.
duty cycle
Also duty factor, duty ratio. The product of the pulse duration and the pulse repetition frequency of a wave composed of pulses that occur at regular intervals.
digital videodisc
direct-view diagnostic region
digital video interaction
direct-view storage tube
dense wavelength division multiplexing
dwell time
For a detector, the amount of time alotted for the observation of one location.
digital waveform generator
dye -> laser dye
Class of organic dyes that emit coherent radiation over a wide spectral range.
dye laser
A laser using a dye solution as its active medium. Its output is a short pulse of broad spectral content and its achievable gain is high. Dye lasers function at room temperature. Synchronous pumping...
dye transfer method
The subtractive imbibing process of transferring color prints on paper whereby the dyes from three separately prepared images are transferred to one sheet of paper to form the color print.
dye-polymer optical disc
A type of erasable data storage device that uses a medium deposited on the disc in two layers, each dyed to absorb a different wavelength of laser light. To record data, the lower layer is heated by...
dynamic beam correction
The superimposition of a pilot object on each hologram. The fixed relative position of the scanning and pilot beam during the recording process ensures that sensing and fixing the pilot beam position...
dynamic fatigue
Stress applied to an optical fiber at a constant rate.
dynamic light scattering spectroscopy -> photon correlation spectroscopy
Spectroscopy used to study the concentration, diffusion and Brownian motion of small particles suspended in a fluid by measuring dynamic fluctuations of light that is scattered or fluoresced by the...
dynamic magneto-optical correlator
An optical correlator incorporating a binary phase-only spatial light modulator made from an iron garnet magneto-optic solid crystal and used in target recognition systems.
dynamic spectroscopy
A spectroscopic technique used to display the intensity of an optical pulse as functions of time and frequency simultaneously.
dynamic stare sensor
A type of mosaic detector array that combines features of scanning and staring sensors by using a small rapid scanning motion (see saccadic motion) over a few pixels at a time.
dynamic theory
The theoretical explanation and analysis of the interactions between electron waves and crystals used in studying electron diffraction.
dynamic variation
In electrical equipment, power variations that are temporary (as opposed to the permanent, cumulative effects of drift).
dynamic magneto-optical correlator
The auxiliary electrode in a photomultiplier that gives rise to secondary emission and amplification when bombarded by photoelectrons.

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