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double-image prism
A prism block that, when used with a lens, is capable of forming two images of one object.
double-layer light amplifier
A device used to create a light output that exceeds light input, the energy being provided by an electric field. It consists of a photoconductive layer with an electroluminescent layer between plates...
double-layer screen
A CRT screen on which two phosphors differing in color and persistence are deposited.
double-meniscus lens
See periscopic lens; rapid rectilinear lens.
double-pass transmittance hologram
A hologram having an object wave that has been transmitted through the transparent object media to a mirror, reflected again and recorded on a medium.
double-pulsed holographic interferometry
Interferometric measurement of the interference pattern recorded when a complex object is illuminated by two laser pulses that interfere and form the pattern to be evaluated.
double-pulsed holography
Holographic recording whereby the object is illuminated by two pulses, separated by a time interval, from a Q-switched laser source. Each pulse is divided into reference and object beams, and...
double-raster format
A mode of laser printing in which each pixel is printed four times, providing sharper lines and a continuous tone from one-quarter the amount of image data, compared with single-raster output.
double-window fiber
Optical fiber capable of operating at both a shorter and a longer wavelength.
1. A compound lens consisting of two elements. If there is an air space between the elements it is called an "air-spaced doublet.'' If the inner surfaces are cemented together, it is called a...
doubly refracting crystal
A transparent crystalline substance that is anisotropic relative to the velocity of light.
Dove prism
A form of prism invented by H.W. Dove. It resembles half of a common right-angle prism in which a ray entering parallel to the hypotenuse face is reflected internally at that face and emerges...
downstream laser
A laser that sends data from the source to the distribution node.
differential pulse code modulation
double-phase hologram
dots per inch
diode-pumped laser
dynamic pulse position modulation
differential phase shift keying
diode-pumped solid-state laser
digital piezoelectric translator
distributed queue dual bus
detective quantum efficiency
digital radiography
discontinuously reinforced aluminum
dynamic random access memory
direct read after write
drawing tower
A system for fabricating optical fiber, consisting of a furnace that heats the materials, a polymer coating stage, a capstan-pulling apparatus that free-draws the preform into a fiber and a drum on...
A gradual change in the output of a circuit or instrument over time.
drift curve
A technique used in astronomy that requires a radio telescope to be directed at a point in the sky west of the object under observation. The Earth's rotation causes the object to drift through the...
drift scan
An astronomical scanning technique for capturing images of stars without moving the sensor. To perform a drift scan, a CCD sensor's readout rate must be synchronized with the motion of celestial...
The hardware for reading (and writing in devices so equipped) an optical mass data storage disk.
driving current
The minimum electrical current input needed to initiate lasing.
direct readout; digital readout
The process whereby a blank or disc is heated to a sufficiently high temperature to sag into a mold having a desired curvature.
digital radar simulator; data relay satellite
diode resistor transistor logic
drum camera
A type of streak camera that uses film wrapped around a drum, which moves at a constant speed to record the changing shape of a short-lived event, such as a lightning flash.
drum scanner
An image-processing device that scans in a straight line parallel to the axis of a rotating cylinder to which the material to be recorded is affixed.
dry objective
A microscope objective designed to be used without liquid between the cover glass and the objective, or, in the case of metallurgical objectives, between the objective and the specimen.
digital subtraction angiography
dispersion-shifted fiber
Doppler shift frequency spectrum
digital subscriber line
dynamic scattering mode
digital storage oscilloscope
digital signal processing
direct step on wafer
digital tomography; distant terminal
deuterated triglycine sulfate

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