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long-pass filter
A long-pass filter is an optical filter that allows longer wavelengths of light to pass through while blocking or attenuating shorter wavelengths. These filters are designed to transmit light with a...
long-path absorption spectroscopy
The method that, by measuring the absorption along an atmospheric path at wavelengths ranging from two to a continuum, can determine pollution concentrations of gases.
long-wave infrared
Long-wave infrared (LWIR) refers to a specific range of the infrared spectrum. Infrared radiation is divided into three main categories based on wavelength: near-infrared (NIR), mid-wave infrared...
long-wave pass filter
A filter that is transparent to longer wavelengths but opaque to shorter wavelengths.
long-wavelength system
In fiber optic communications systems, generally one that operates between 1000 and 1700 nm.
longitudinal field modulator
Pockels cell or dynamic optical retarder in which the electrical field is applied in a direction parallel to that of light passing through it.
longitudinal magnification -> magnification
The ratio of the size of the image of an object to that of the object. The ratio of the linear size of the image to that of the object is lateral magnification. Angular magnification is the ratio of...
longitudinal mode
A waveform that can oscillate along the length of the laser cavity.
longitudinal offset loss -> gap loss
The optical power loss caused by a space between axially aligned fibers.
longitudinal pumping
A dye laser cell configuration in which the dye flows in the direction of the axis of the laser, yielding symmetrical energy distribution but small repetition rates.
lookup table
In image processing, the memory that stores the values for the point processes. Input pixel values are those for the original image, while output values are those displayed on the monitor as altered...
A form of mirage where objects near or just below the horizon appear in enlarged or distorted form because of atmospheric refraction. The glow in the sky caused by the presence of light below the...
loose-tube buffering
In fiber optic cable, containment of the fiber or fibers within an outer protective tube in which they can move to some extent. The interstices usually are filled with an insulating material. See...
Lorentz force
The force acting upon a charged particle as it moves in a magnetic field, proportional to the particle's charge and velocity.
Lorentz oscillator model
The Lorentz oscillator model is a theoretical model used in physics to describe the response of a charged particle (such as an electron) to an oscillating electric field. It is particularly employed...
long-range oblique photography
line of sight
loss budget
The total optical power loss in a system. The loss budget is often stated in terms of the transmitted power and the power required at the receiver to express the maximum acceptable amount of loss.
lossy medium
A medium that scatters or absorbs radiation that passes through it.
A low-power (2x to 10x) magnifier consisting of a single positive lens assembly.
Lovibond tintometer
A subtractive colorimeter that expresses a liquid's or object's color as a combination of three colors. These colors are developed through viewing the specimen object through three series of slides,...
Term used to describe an optical surface that contacts the test glass only at its edges.
low Earth orbit
Low Earth orbit (LEO) refers to a region in space that is relatively close to Earth's surface, typically characterized by altitudes ranging from approximately 180 to 2,000 kilometers (112 to 1,242...
low excitation potential -> excitation potential
The amount of energy required to raise the energy level of an atom; a necessity if the atom is to radiate energy. High excitation potential is the amount of energy in the upper state of the...
low-coherence interference microscope
An interference microscope that uses a light beam originating from a low-coherence light source. The sample is placed in one interferometer arm, and the other arm provides a reference beam. The...
low-light-level instrumentation
Instrumentation designed to permit the perception, recording or measurement of scenes under conditions of low incident illumination.
low-loss fiber
Optical fiber that transmits a greater percentage of input light than does high-loss step-index fiber. Low-loss fiber requires higher purity materials and a more sophisticated drawing process and...
low-pass filter
In digital image processing, a method of convolution that reduces random noise by replacing the value of each pixel with the average of that pixel plus its neighbors, or of the neighbors alone. Also...
low-temperature spectroscopy
The analysis of structural and molecular dynamics caused by low temperature.
low pressure
low pass
liquid phase epitaxy
low-pass filter
lines per inch
lumens per watt
laser rangefinder
long-range radar input
laser Raman spectroscopy
laser sintering; logical sum
line spread function
large-scale integration
laser scanning microscope
laser safety officer
laser spot tracker
laser scanning unit
lightcraft technology demonstrator
laser target designation system
local thermodynamic equivalent
lateral transfer hollow retroreflector
lateral transitional phase shift

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