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toric surface
A surface that is swept out by revolving a circle about an axis that lies in the plane of the circle but that does not intersect its center. The result is a surface having different curvatures in...
A calculated measure of the ability of an incident force to cause an object to spin. The spin speed of any given object is a direct function of the duration of the torque application.
A unit of pressure of 1 mm Hg, equivalent to 133 P. One atmosphere = 760 torr. (t).
transmitter optical subassembly
total flux
The luminous flux emitted by a light source in all directions.
total image runout
Image displacement by a decentered lens, rotated on a chuck whose axis of rotation passes through the geometrical center of the rim of the lens, when the light source is at an infinite distance. It...
total insert
The lateral distance between a vertical line drawn through the geometrical center of the distance portion of a multifocal, and a vertical line penetrating the geometrical center of the segment.
total internal reflection fluorescence
Total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy is an advanced fluorescence microscopy technique that leverages the principle of total internal reflection to selectively illuminate and image...
total internal reflection
The reflection that occurs within a substance because the angle of incidence of light striking the boundary surface is in excess of the critical angle.
total radiation pyrometer
Also known as a pyrradiometer. An instrument that is designed to measure heat radiation nonselectively; e.g., the combination of terrestrial and solar radiation.
A naturally occurring crystalline mineral that has the property of polarizing transmitted light. It is little used now that the Polaroid sheet is available.
Touschek effect
Effect whereby two electrons lose synchronism with the accelerating field and are lost during synchronous radiation. The effect is produced by the scattering of the electrons that are oscillating in...
tube-launched optically tracked wire-guided
thermoplastic elastomer
two-photon excited fluorescence
two-photon fluorescence
tracks per inch
telephony on passive optical network
two-photon polymerization
thermoplastic recording
total quality management/statistical process control
In a cathode-ray tube, the visible line or lines formed on the screen by the deflection of the electron stream.
1. The process of following an object's movement; accomplished by focusing a radar beam on the reticle of an optical system on the object and plotting its bearing and distance at specific intervals....
tracking accuracy
Measurement of a translation stage's deviation from absolute straightness, that is, its angular motion in both the vertical and the horizontal planes.
tracking system
A controlled motion system that may use a telescope, camera or antenna to follow accurately a satellite, missile, vehicle or other device in response to radar, radio or computer signals.
terminal radar control
An instrument or system capable of both transmitting and receiving a signal.
A transducer is a device or component that converts one form of energy into another. It is commonly used in various fields, including electronics, acoustics, and instrumentation, to facilitate the...
transfer blocking
A process used to control thickness and parallelism precisely during the production of plane-parallel plates. Elements are cemented to a blocking tool and their upper surfaces are polished. A second...
transfer function
The complex function, H(f), equal to the ratio of the output to input of the device as a function of frequency. The amplitude and phase responses are, respectively, the magnitude of H(f) and the...
transfer gate
A single long gate electrode that transfers the line of charge packets to the transport shift register in a charge-coupled device.
transfer rate
The rate at which data can be read from a CD-ROM.
transient -> current transient
A sudden, brief increase in current or voltage in a circuit that can damage sensitive components and instruments. Preventive measures include slow-starter circuits, filtering and static control.
transient calorimetric technique
A method of measuring total hemispherical emissivity of the plane surface of a solid that consists of thermally isolating a specimen of the material inside a vacuum, preheating it slightly above the...
An electronic device consisting of a semiconductor material, generally germanium or silicon, and used for rectification, amplification and switching. Its mode of operation utilizes transmission...
transit -> surveying instruments
Instruments used for measuring angles and occasionally lengths on the ground. The principal surveying instruments are the level, the stadia telescope, the transit and the theodolite. Laser...
The process whereby a quantum mechanical system alters from one energy level to another. During this process, energy is emitted or absorbed, and it usually takes the form of photons, phonons, or...
transition metal
Transition metals are elements found in the d-block of the periodic table, which includes groups 3 to 12. They are characterized by their partially filled d orbitals in the electron configuration....
Pertaining to materials having the property of reflecting a part and transmitting a part of the incident radiation.
translucent screen
A screen composed of a sheet of diffusing plastic material that reveals excellent image detail for close viewing. It is efficient for use with microfilm readers.
transmission efficiency
Measure of the amount of light that is transmitted, relative to the amount lost by absorption or reflection.
transmission electron microscope
A transmission electron microscope (TEM) is a powerful microscopy technique that uses a beam of electrons to create high-resolution images of extremely thin samples. In a TEM, electrons are...
transmission grating
A transparent diffraction grating that serves to transmit light.
transmission hologram
A hologram that is illuminated by a source opposite the viewer.
transmission limit
A restricting wavelength above or below which a specified form of radiation is totally almost absorbed by a specified medium.
transmission loss
The decrease in power that occurs when an optical beam or signal is transmitted through a system.
transmission plane
In polarized light, the plane of vibration that a polarizer will transmit.
transmission sphere
A precision lens designed to convert the plane wavefront output of an interferometer to a spherical wavefront for the testing of curved (spherical) surfaces.
transmission window -> spectral window
A wavelength region of relatively high transmittance, surrounded by regions of low transmittance.

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