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A lens assembly made up of three lens elements that may or may not be cemented.
time-resolved infrared radiometry
tristimulus colorimeter -> colorimeter
A colorimeter is a device used to measure and quantify the color characteristics of an object or a light source. It provides objective and standardized color information, typically expressed in terms...
tristimulus integration
Computation of tristimulus values by integrating or summing, over the visible wavelength region, the product of the relative spectral power of a CIE standard source, the reflectance of the object...
tristimulus integrator
A device used to produce numerical integrations for colorimetry.
tristimulus values
The values of the three standard or matching stimuli necessary to provide a match with the light under trial, in a specified trichromatic system.
trochoidal mass spectrometer
A magnetic-deflection mass spectrometer that has an electrostatic field placed perpendicularly to its magnetic field, permitting both spatial mass dispersion and perfect double focusing in the plane...
That level of retinal illuminance resulting when a surface with a luminance of 1 candela/m2 is viewed through a pupil with an area of 1 mm2.
true field
The size of the field of view in the object space of an optical system as differentiated from that in the image space (apparent field).
The process by which a surface is made to conform accurately to a given curvature.
In a fiber optic communications network, a circuit that connects two switching centers and does not branch off to terminal points.
transistor-transistor logic
tunable ultraviolet generation
tunable laser
Any form of laser; e.g., a dye laser, having an output that can be adjusted over a wide range of wavelengths. Normally the range is about 70 nm wide.
tungsten diselenide
Tungsten diselenide (WSe2) is a member of the transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) family, composed of tungsten (W) and selenium (Se). Similar to other TMDs, tungsten diselenide possesses a...
tungsten lamp
An evacuated bulb containing a tungsten filament that is heated by passing an electric current through it. In domestic light bulbs the inside of the bulb is frosted to soften shadows. In projection...
tunnel luminescence
Light that is emitted from a phosphor film applied to the surface of a three-layer thin film, respectively metal, oxide and metal.
An observed effect of the ability of certain atomic particles to pass through a barrier that they cannot pass over because of the required energy level, based on a law of quantum mechanics that...
tunneling mode -> leaky mode
In an optical waveguide, a mode whose field decays monotonically for a finite distance in the transverse direction but which becomes oscillatory everywhere beyond that finite distance.
tunneling ray -> leaky ray
In an optical waveguide, a ray for which geometric optics would predict total internal reflection at the core boundary, but which suffers loss by virtue of the curved core boundary.
Turbidity is a measure of the cloudiness or haziness of a fluid caused by the presence of suspended particles. These particles can include sediment, silt, clay, plankton, and other microscopic...
turbulence propagation medium
Simulation of atmospheric turbulence for laboratory experimentation purposes, achieved by creating an unstable vertical gradient temperature in a tank filled with water.
turnkey system
A system that is complete and self-contained, needing no further additions to permit its operation.
A rotating plate containing two or more lenses to provide a rapid interchange.
time variable reflectivity
television receive only
twin crystal
A compound crystal having two or more crystals or crystal sections that, when regularly positioned, are in reverse position relative to the other sections. When viewed, these crystals appear to be...
A defect of natural quartz crystals in which both the right and left quartz are in the same crystal.
twist -> deformation constant
Any of the constants that relate the tendency of the director to remain parallel to restoring torques throughout the media. The three constants of importance in liquid crystal displays are: splay --...
twisted intramolecular charge transfer
Twisted intramolecular charge transfer (TICT) is a phenomenon observed in certain organic molecules containing electron-donor and electron-acceptor groups that are linked together within the same...
twisted nematic phase
A form of liquid crystal widely used in displays, achieved by sandwiching a liquid crystal material between two substrates whose inside surfaces have been prepared with a special coating that aligns...
two-wave mixing
traveling wave oscillator
two-dimensional Fourier transform
The Fourier series representation of a two-dimensional periodic field, assuming that the original image is periodic both horizontally and vertically.
two-dimensional response kernel
Characteristic of an acousto-optic modulator, defined by the overlap integral of the incident light and sound field profiles; similar to a convolution operator.
two-photon excited fluorescence
Two-photon excited fluorescence (TPEF) is a nonlinear optical method that allows imaging of biological cells and living tissue. The advantage of TPEF in comparison to conventional fluorescence...
two-photon fluorescence
This results from the simultaneous absorption of two photons, each having half the energy needed for excitation and requiring a high spatial and temporal concentration of photons. The ensuing...
two-photon polymerization
Two-photon polymerization (TPP) is a technique used in additive manufacturing, specifically in the field of 3D printing. It involves using a focused laser to polymerize a photosensitive material in a...
Referring to compound semiconductor materials combining one element with two valence electrons and one or more with six. Examples include beryllium oxide and zinc selenide. (II-VI).
thermal weapons sight
traveling wave tube
Twyman-Green interferometer
A testing device that provides a contour map of the emergent wavefront for the observer in terms of the given wavelength of the light.
Twyman-Green interferometry
Twyman-Green interferometry is a technique used in optics to measure the flatness or surface profile of optical components with high precision. It is based on the principles of interference of light...
Tyndall cone
The form taken by scattered light, as a result of the Tyndall effect.
Tyndall effect
The effect by which sufficiently small particles will scatter blue light at right angles to the incident beam. This scattered light is completely linearly polarized.
type standards
A set of samples used in the analysis of multielement thin films.

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