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In optics, the conduction of radiant energy through a medium. Often denotes the percentage of energy passing through an element or system relative to the amount that entered. See transmission...
The internal transmittance per unit thickness of a nondiffusing material.
The methods used to determine the extinction characteristics of a medium.
The ratio of the radiant power transmitted by an object to the incident radiant power.
transmitter central wavelength range
The central wavelength range of a transmitter based on the worst-case scenarios of temperature, manufacturing and other variations.
In fiber optic communications, a light source whose beam can be modulated and sent along an optical fiber, and the electronics that support it.
An image affixed to a transparent photographic film or plate by photographic, printing or chemical methods. It may be viewed by transmitted light.
transparency illuminator
A metal box with an opal glass front enclosing a lamp, used for viewing color transparencies or x-ray films.
Capable of transmitting light with little absorption and no appreciable scattering or diffusion.
transparent electrophotographic films
Imaging materials that generally consist of a polyester base, a transparent electrically conductive layer and an organic photoconductive top coating. When charged and exposed to light, an...
A receiver-transmitter device that automatically transmits a signal when the proper interrogating signal is received.
transport shift register
The element in a charge-coupled device that receives the charge packets transferred from the line of sensor sites and then delivers the image data to the device's output circuitry.
transport theory approximations
Multiple scattering method used in biological analysis in which approximations yield simple, explicit solutions, at least for slab geometry. The approximations are usually differential equations...
In optics, the changing of the relative curves of a lens without changing its refractive value.
A computer whose architecture contains several CPU chips arranged in parallel. Often used in image processing systems.
transverse chromatic aberration
An alternate term for lateral chromatic aberration. See chromatic aberration.
transverse coherence -> spatial coherence
The maintenance of a fixed-phase relationship across the full diameter of a cross section of a laser beam.
transverse electric mode -> transverse mode
In the context of optics and lasers, a transverse mode refers to a specific spatial pattern of the electric field within the cross-section of a laser beam. These modes represent the different...
transverse electromagnetic mode -> transverse mode
In the context of optics and lasers, a transverse mode refers to a specific spatial pattern of the electric field within the cross-section of a laser beam. These modes represent the different...
transverse field modulator
A Pockels cell in which electrical current is applied in a direction orthogonally to that of the light beam.
transverse interferometry
The method used to measure the index profile of an optical fiber by placing it in an interferometer and illuminating the fiber transversely to its axis.
transverse mode
In the context of optics and lasers, a transverse mode refers to a specific spatial pattern of the electric field within the cross-section of a laser beam. These modes represent the different...
transverse offset loss -> lateral offset loss
A power loss caused by transverse or lateral deviation from optimum alignment of source to optical waveguide, waveguide to waveguide, or waveguide to detector.
transverse offset method
A technique used to measure the mode-field diameter of an optical fiber by scanning one fiber past another at a distance of five microns or less.
transverse pumping
The laser pumping that exhibits an advantage over longitudinal pumping in that the threshold pump power density can be lowered approximately in proportion to the laser length.
transverse scattering
The method for measuring the index profile of an optical fiber or preform by illuminating it coherently and transversely to its axis, and examining the far-field radiation pattern.
transversely excited atmosphere carbon dioxide laser
Abbreviated TEA CO2 laser. A gas laser that provides shorter pulses and higher peak powers than conventional CO2 lasers. The electrical excitation pulse occurs transversely to the optical axis...
transversely excited atmosphere laser
Also known as TEA laser. A coherent optical source with a wide wavelength range in the infrared, visible and ultraviolet that uses an electrical discharge transverse to (across) the optical axis to...
trapped plasma avalanche-triggered transit
trapezium distortion
The distortion of an image formed by a cathode-ray tube, caused by unbalanced deflection voltages or deflection voltages that are not symmetrically aligned with the resultant anode potential.
trapped mode -> guided mode
In an optical waveguide, a mode whose field decays monotonically in the transverse direction everywhere external to the core and which does not lose power to radiation. Also called bound mode.
trapped plasma avalanche-triggered transit
Oscillator device composed of a semiconducting diode in a coaxial resonating cavity. When the biasing current is applied to the diode, high-frequency waves are emitted into the cavity where they are...
trapped ray -> guided ray
In an optical waveguide, a ray that is completely confined to the core.
traveling microscope
A measuring instrument composed of a microscope and reticle, and mounted on a calibrated slide mechanism. May be used accurately to determine the distance between objects being viewed.
traveling wave phototube
A traveling wave tube (TWT) containing a photocathode and window that, receiving a laser beam, produces a modified photoelectric current that is accelerated and propagated into its helical frame.
A tool used in cutting circular holes around a center. Also, a laser cutter in which the beam moves in relation to the cut surface.
A semiconductor device that functions as an electrically controlled switch for AC loads.
In a color cathode-ray tube, a grouping of three color dots (red, blue and green) that represent one pixel in the final image.
trial sets (ophthalmic)
Sets of lenses (positive, negative and cylindrical) usually mounted in circular rims suitable for slipping into trial spectacle frames. The individual lenses bear codes that state their power in...
A method of measuring distance by recording a single scene from two points of perspective. Surveying instruments can be used; in autofocus systems, rangefinders and three-dimensional imaging systems,...
The science of interfacing surfaces in moving contact, which includes areas such as friction, lubrication and wear.
Luminescence that arises from friction and that usually occurs in crystalline materials.
The characteristic of displaying three colors when observed in as many separate directions.
The basis of color vision in the human eye. Three types of cones have been identified, each having a unique spectral response (red, green and blue).
With respect to a crystal, having three unequal axes intersecting at angles, only two of which can be equal and only one of which can measure 90°.
trimming -> laser resistor trimming
In hybrid or monolithic integrated circuits, the laser ablation of a portion of resistor material to achieve the design resistance value of the circuit.
A color-television viewing system with three kinescopes, three lenses and three deflection yokes used to form the red, green and blue images required for a tricolor television projection.
An electron tube with an anode, a cathode and a regulating electrode (grid).
triple aplanat
A compound lens consisting of two negative lenses of flint glass. A double-convex lens of crown glass is cemented between the two negative lenses. With this system, it is possible to decrease...
triple mirror
Also known as corner-cube reflector or retrodirective reflector. Three reflecting surfaces, perpendicular to each other, that are arranged like the inside corner of a cube. As the triple mirror has a...

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