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epifluorescence microscopy
Fluorescence imaging technique in which the excitation light from the objective is directed into the sample producing emission at all angles. Light emitted into the objective is measured allowing the...
The outside or covering layer.
episcope -> opaque projector
An opaque projector is a device used for enlarging and projecting images from opaque objects such as printed pages, photographs, or three-dimensional objects onto a screen or surface. Unlike a...
Epitaxial refers to the growth of a crystalline layer on a crystalline substrate in such a way that the orientation of the crystal lattice of the growing layer is related to that of the substrate. In...
epitaxial deposition
Epitaxial deposition is a process used in semiconductor manufacturing and materials science to grow a thin crystalline layer, known as an epitaxial layer, on a substrate. The term epitaxial refers to...
epitaxial equipment
Epitaxial equipment refers to a set of specialized tools and systems used in the process of epitaxy, which is the growth of crystalline layers on a substrate material. Epitaxial growth is a critical...
A well controlled thin films technique for growing films with good crystal structure in ultra high vacuum environments at very low deposition rates. Epitaxy methods are well known for the growing of...
Common name for a variety of adhesives used for lens bonding, fiber optic splicing and other photonics applications. The term is actually a prefix denoting the presence of an epoxide group in a...
electron parameter resonance
erasable programmable read-only memory
European Physical Society
equivalent quantum efficiency
equal-energy source
A light source that produces an equal-energy spectrum.
equal-energy spectrum
Spectrum characterized by equal energy (power, flux) per unit wavelength interval.
equal-energy white
A stimulus that contains equal energy at each wavelength in the visible region of the spectrum.
equalized-response densitometer
A densitometer having a receiver that indicates when a desired radiation level has been attained.
equatorial mount
A telescope stand equipped with a polar axis that can be set parallel to the Earth's axis of rotation and a declination axis that is at right angles to the polar axis. If the telescope is turned at a...
equatorial telescope
A telescope that is mounted on an equatorial mount.
1. A contour map of a photographic deposit consisting of lines and curves that join points of equal density. 2. The portrayal of a photograph's points of equal density in hues of yellow, cyan and...
1. The use of an electronic microdensitometer to measure points of equal density on a photographic deposit. 2. A technique that simplifies a picture's density pattern by making a single isodensity...
equilibrium length
The length of optical waveguide needed to attain equilibrium mode distribution for a specified excitation condition.
equilibrium mode distribution
The condition in a multimode optical waveguide in which the relative power distribution among the propagating modes is independent of length.
equiluminous colors
Colors differing only in chromaticity but not in luminance.
equivalency width
Calculation of the amount of energy extracted from a light beam regardless of its wide range resolution.
equivalent air path
When a block of glass (prism, window, filter, etc.) is placed into a converging light bundle, it increases the physical distance to the point of focus. The equivalent air path for that block of glass...
equivalent focal length -> focal length
The focal length of a lens is the distance between the lens's optical center (or principal point) and the image sensor or film when the lens is focused at infinity. In simple terms, it is the...
equivalent wavelength
In surface height measurement of optics with steep slopes, the use of two short visible wavelengths to synthesize a longer, equivalent wavelength.
Er:YAG laser
An Er:YAG laser is a type of solid-state laser that uses a crystal made of erbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Er:Y3Al5O12) as the gain medium. The erbium (Er) ions are introduced into the crystal...
earth radiation array
Data or encoded information capable of being eradicated, leaving the media free for rewriting. Also called reversible.
erbium-doped fiber amplifier
An optical fiber that can be used to amplify an optical input. Erbium rare earth ions are added to the fiber core material as a dopant in typical levels of a few hundred parts per million. The fiber...
electronic retina computing reader
erect image
An image, real or virtual, whose spatial orientation is identical to that of the object. The image obtained at the retina with the assistance of an optical system is said to be erect when the...
erecting eyepiece
An eyepiece combined with an erecting prism or lens system.
erecting system
Lenses or prisms that serve to erect the image; i.e., to bring the image upright after it has been inverted by the objective.
Erfle eyepiece
A telescopic eyepiece comprising five or six simple lenses in the form of three doublets or two doublets and a singlet.
In image processing, a morphology operator in which a structuring element or probe of a particular shape is moved over the input image. Where the probe fits completely within the boundaries of a...
effective radiated power
error correcting code
The addition to the information signal in communications of redundant bits that enable the originally encoded message to be decoded without degradation of the data. In compact disc technology, the...
error function
A single number, defined by the computer program or the user that expresses the performance of an optical system. Also known as merit function and defect function, the error function comprises...
earth resources technology satellite
Localized redness of skin due to congestion of capillaries; a common result of overexposure to laser radiation.
European Space Agency; excited state absorption
electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis
electrostatic discharge
extended superframe format
electron speckle pattern interferometry
European Strategic Programme for Research in Information Technology

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